About Eyelashed Arizona
Arizona’s Most Premier Eyelash Extensions and Beauty Services

Eyelash Extensions are a modern way of extending the length and thickness of your eyelashes. Our goal is to enhance your beauty! Our technique transforms your natural eyelashes by applying single strands of synthetic mink lashes to your natural eyelashes on a lash-by-lash basis for an entirely natural look.

Your Eyelash Extensions will look luscious and beautiful making you feel glamorous and confident not to mention a few years younger! Eyelash Extensions are perfect for every day use, weddings and other special occasions. The entire procedure is done delicately making you feel comfortable and relaxed. There are many advertisements for Eyelash Extensions that will clump, weigh heavy, and that are often clustered unevenly. We don’t want you to fall for these “False Eyelash Extensions.

Our Eyelash Extensions are already curved and come in many different sizes and thicknesses for you to choose. Whether you like them thin and natural, long and dramatic, thick and lush, all of our Eyelash Extensions are available to satisfy your preferences. Our procedure is done in a very delicate manner. Many of our clients feel very comfortable and relaxed that they tend to fall asleep. They wake up amazed seeing how gorgeous their new Eyelash Extensions look because every set of Eyelash Extensions are applied with perfection.

Our beauty center is dedicated to providing premium waxing services at an affordable price. With two convenient locations in South Scottsdale and North Scottsdale, our experienced team of estheticians are dedicated to your comfort during your visit.

Eyelashed Arizona uses Lira Clinical which is developed exclusively for licensed professionals. We offer the next level of skin care with quality products and treatments that produce real results.

Meet The Team

Carmen Blanco

Carmen Blanco

Owner & Licensed Aesthetic Professional

I believe that harmonious beauty begins from the inside, and works its way outwards, enveloping the people around us in a proactive ripple. By caring about our minds and our bodies, we will, in turn, care about the minds and the bodies of our neighbors, and eventually question the welfare of those whom we have not yet met, in faraway places we have never been.

Elizabeth Zeimetz

Elizabeth Zeimetz

Licensed Aesthetic Professional

Elizabeth has worked in the beauty industry for 5 years. She has a history of working with laser hair removal, waxing, facials and eyelash extensions.