The LAshX ProLiner, the healthy way to grow your client’s lashes while preserving precious extensions.

The ProLine is not like any other brow or lash growth serum on the market. Swiping the lush Italian pigment across your lash line once a day for three weeks triples your natural lash growth while extending lash extension wear time by two weeks. The LAshX ProLine lash growth serum is an essential product for lash enthusiasts. Applying this to your lash extensions allows you to set yourself apart with natural long lashes to compliment your lash extensions. You will have more and more healthy lashes with each visit and will be able to go longer between fills.

The Pro/Line works with a patented peptide blend that:

  • Roots the hair with proteins for a stronger hold
  • Keeps lashes in anagen cycle (growth phase) 46% longer before shedding
  • Increases keratin production for longer thicker hair naturally

Formulated to strengthen and condition existing lashes while stimulating new growth in a safe and natural way. Liners are available in five rich, highly-pigmented colors, perfect for daily wear and can be used to create either a natural or dramatic look. Apply the long-lasting eyeliner once daily for amazing results within weeks. The two in one eyeliner and treatment will last up to a year and has a 100% money back guarantee. Just put on this beautiful eyeliner and go.

This means that you are able to come in less often for lash touch ups and will also improve your natural lash health, which will make your lashes grow too!

Colors Include: Icon (deep black), Baroque (chocolate brown), Gilded (golden green), Cameo (subtle plum), Sapphire (vibrant blue)